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My husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant and didn't know why. I assumed that it was because I am older. We went to a fertility specialist and had a failed IUI and a failed round of IVF. We were devastated, stressed, and out of money. We wanted to start another round of IVF right away and not waste any time. I told Camille of our struggles and plan, and she asked me to wait 5 months before doing another round. I trusted Camille, but I also felt like we had wasted so much time already and the time was ticking. We reluctantly waited, but we wanted to be healthy for the next round (so it would be successful). During those 5 months, I worked with Camille on reducing stress, changing thought patterns and mindsets, adding supplements, adding certain foods into my diet, etc. [After approximately] 5 months, we ordered and received our next round of medication. We were just waiting for my cycle to start [so we could] begin our IVF appointments and shots … [but] it never started because … I was pregnant!!! We did it naturally, just like we wanted. We can't thank Camille enough for her help, knowledge and wisdom, and prayers. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl!

Bloomington, Indiana

No one has ever made such a tough and confusing topic so easy, and made me feel like I can actually do this for my health!

~Lorri Franckle, P.A.
St. Petersburg, Florida

I can’t thank you enough for your help – it has literally been life changing for me!

~Dr. Teresa Allen
Montgomery, Alabama

I highly recommend Camille to anyone who knows there’s a better way to feel, and needs some help along the way.

~Dr. Lisa Hunt
Modesto, California

Very, very professional.

~Attendee: Adrenal Fatigue Seminar
Montgomery, Alabama

Best seminar I have ever attended.

~Attendee: Adrenal Fatigue Seminar
Montgomery, Alabama

Thank you for a great Saturday. Camille is an amazing teacher and a great lady. It was a very enjoyable event.

~Attendee: Innovative Strategies for Weight Loss
Lynwood, Washington

I'm so glad you set up this continuing education seminar with Camille Gallinger, CN. I was not disappointed! She did a fantastic job. There are so many books and exercise approaches out there, it's great to get tried and true recommendations. It's also Camille's social genius to find the local talent/insights in the audience and showcase them, so we can all learn from each other. Camille enhanced the networking among all of us. Again, a big thank you! I like that Camille has the scientific smarts to guess what other avenues might help, and I like her specifics about the personalities and psychology involved, the importance of emotions, word choice, and habits of thought patterns; a very elegant integration of body, mind, and psyche. The topic of how to share oneself (while also setting healthy boundaries) applies to almost every kind of relationship, and I appreciate when it's addressed.

~Attendee: Innovative Strategies for Weight Loss
Lynwood, Washington

Camille and I met in September 2015 when my health was at its worst — ever! In the 6 years prior, I’d suffered several traumatic events that caused severely debilitating effects on my overall health. Camille studied my case; she made some evaluations which led to a “health support program.” She then worked up a protocol for me to follow. That moment is where my journey to wellness and vitality began. Her assessment was honest, researched, and grounded. She stated that it may take a year or more to reach my goals. I was ready and determined to regain my health and well-being. I could clearly see that the changes were making a difference. My thinking became clearer; I had more enthusiasm, less depression, and a new purpose. I [felt] less grief, and I had fewer tears and more energy. My inflammation and pain were diminishing. By late February, I realized it was the first winter in years without the blues! I cried tears of joy over the progress I was making. It was my most joyful and hopeful moment yet! On my journey with Camille, so far I have lost 47 pounds. I have more energy than I know what to do with, and I have made several important changes to include positive thinking, rather than negative [thinking] … and most of all … setting necessary boundaries. Through this unselfish revelation, I’ve learned to properly care for others by caring for myself first.

As Camille and I continue this journey together, I have learned more about endurance, diligence, determination, being patient through the process, and that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). In addition to the Lord and a host of family and friends, Camille has been a most integral part of my journey. I truly thank the Lord for her and the work (a true gift) that He has given her.

~Teresa Griswold: Self-Care Seminar (Vitality for the Body & the Soul)
Montgomery, Alabama

I love what you say and how you say it, Camille. So helpful and so interesting. Just enough info … not too much.

~Beth Orfanos (Vitality Exchange Community Member)
Crown Point, Indiana

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