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Insist on Living and Working from Energy Rather Than from Exhaustion

The Importance of Doing What’s Good For The Soul

By Camille Gallinger, CN

It is quite possible to feel low and drained even though your body is healthy. While you may exercise, eat healthfully and use high quality supplements, your energy and vitality may still be depleted if you do not set up safeguards for protecting your so:

  • Practice eliminating toxic thinking and rather focus on good thoughts by reframing how you view what happens to you.  Change paradigms, shift mindsets and/or listen to those who are wiser than you in order to change toxic or negative thinking habits that can change your brain chemistry for the worst.  Two people who have done a lot of work on how thoughts affect your brain and your health are Dr. Carolyn Leaf and Dr. Daniel Amen (
  • Determine, among your friends and family, who is safe and truly cares about your life being healthy and whole.  Spend time, when necessary, sharing your struggles with them.  Inevitably you will feel energized rather than drained after you leave their presence because true friends will either encourage you or love you enough to sharing difficult but life-enhancing truths that refresh your mind and life.  Drastically limit your time around those who consistently take swipes at your soul with cutting words or insensitive remarks. They will cost you needed mental and emotional energy.
  • Exercise (at a level approved by your doctor) to produce endorphins, the “feel good, stress-reducing” brain chemicals.  Whenever possible, add music and get out into the sunshine.  If you’ve been much too sedentary, may I suggest beginning with a low-impact exercise like rebounding (bouncing or jumping on a high quality mini-trampoline) which is excellent for stress relief.  If music revives you, play music while jumping.  Your body will produce endorphins that will elevate your mood and enhance your energy.
  • Stop saying yes to everyone and nearly every project. No matter how willing you are to help, you can’t do it all.  Your body and mind need regular breaks.  I like the way bestselling author Jon Acuff wisely says it:  “The word yes is very expensive. You only have a few opportunities to spend it every day.”  Not saying no when you need to will cost you energy and vitality over time.

Wisdom Source:  A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.  Proverbs 15:13 (NASB)

I highly recommend Camille to anyone who knows there’s a better way to feel, and needs some help along the way.

~Dr. Lisa Hunt | Modesto, California

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